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What my clients have to say.


“Tamsin has been an outstanding resource for PickStar and Myself personally.  Our business has grown from 15 to 40 people in 15 months and it's fair to say our people and strategic processes were ragged and not clear. 


Tamsin has been responsible for completely reshaping, focussing and aligning our organisational design. In parallel Tamsin worked with our global Senior leadership team assisting us to improve our trust, team dynamic and ability to be vulnerable. I have worked with many consultants in my time and Tamsin is right at the top.” 

James Begley, CEO Pickstar

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I’m Tamsin Simounds. I'm a personal development specialist in the professional world, and I’m rethinking the way we live, work, and lead.

I work with leaders and organisations to:

1. Uncover what it’s really going to take to influence change and activate potential, and

2. Create tailored, action focussed development programs and experiences that really shift the needle.

As one of Australia’s sought after corporate speakers, you’ll also find me on stage talking about how to activate human potential and communicate to connect.

I’m post graduate qualified and I’ve studied the fields of Health Science, Modern Psychology, Neuroscience and Communications deeply and extensively.

I have a backstory spanning Corporate Healthcare, Communications, Big Banks, Social Enterprise and Startups.

I understand people (and businesses) like few others do. Not because of my long list of qualifications, but because I obsessively combine theory with lived practice.

Rest assured, everything I present in workshops and on stage has been road-tested, turned upside down and inside out, and grounded in contemporary science.

My team and I have provided consulting services, training and facilitation to embed personal development experiences, impactful communications strategy, leadership and organisational development initiatives, profile building and performance coaching within organisations, leading to measurable retention and performance gains.

As a respected voice on personal and professional development, I’ve written for publications like Thrive Global, Smart Company, Business Chicks and Women’s Agenda.

I’m eternally grateful to keep getting asked back as a trusted advisor and contributor for clients like ANZ, AGL, Institute for Public Accountants, Adelaide University, The Asia Pacific Occupational Safety and Health Organisation, Pickstar and AGL.

I'd love to meet you, reach out when you're ready to chat.

Talk soon!


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I love to share experiments, adventures, and ideas and create deeper connections.

Thanks for connecting!

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